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sin|studio arquitectura
Sevilla, 2003-2010.

Paula V. Álvarez, Ana Fernández, José M. Galán (2003-2010) and Elena Soriano
sin|studio architecture was a think tank formed by a group of architects devoted to theoretical and practical research on urban public spaces. Our work was recognized with several awards and was published in specialized media.

We guided our research through experimental proposals for architecture ideas competitions which offered an opportunity to rethink architectural tools in order to enhance environmental quality, individual pleasures and social interactions. This led us to look into the complicity and common features between architecture and other fields of knowledge, particularly artistic critical practices.

The name of our practice was (possibly) a tribute to the obscure assassin Mr. SIN, Arata Isozaki’s alter ego in its City Demolition Industry Inc manifesto. However, unlike this murky character, the purpose of sin|estudio was (now I know) not to kill the city, but our own practice, exhausted and defeated in the epic effort to understand and work within the heterogeneous and complex matrix of the city whilst contesting competitions. Architectural practice’s suicides are artworks; sin|studio’s one took us seven years.


1st accesit in the "Jardinería Sostenible" competition, convened by the 2nd Biennial of Art, Architecture and Landscape of the Canary Islands, Tenerife, 2008.

Iniciarte Grant for Emergent Artists for the project ' M1ML, a sensory landscape at the Barrio de Santa Cruz', Seville, 2007.

First Prize in the Transite Ideas Competition 2006, convened by the Consejería de Obras Públicas y Transportes of the Government of Andalusia, in collaboration with the Andalusian Council of Colleges of Architects and the College of Architects of Jaén.

Third Prize in the Architecture Ideas Competition for building a Multifunctional Center in Cala D'Or, Santanyi, Mallorca, 2004.

Accésit in the Architecture Ideas Competition "Casa de las Artes," convened by the Council of Cadiz, in collaboration with the College of Architects of Cadiz, 2004.

Third Prize in the International Ideas Competition ‘Posada de la Herradura’, Parking and Active Citizen Center in Cordoba, convened by the Planning Department of Córdoba in collaboration with the College of Architects of Córdoba, 2003.

Selected Publications:

· 'Bookgut'. In Transversal BIACS 3: YOU universe. 144-145. Seville: Biennial of Contemporary Art of Seville . Edited by the Center for Cultural Initiatives of the University of Seville: Nodo Council of Sevilla and Icas, D. L., 2010.

· sin|studio arquitectura. 'Museo del Carnaval'. In UHF magazine nº 5: Error, ruido, riesgo y accidente (2009):122-125.

· sin|studio arquitectura. 'Transite 2006. Intervenciones de arquitectura efímera en espacios públicos. Jaén, calle Valparaíso, entorno Catedral'. In Paisea magazine nº 4: La Calle (2008):100.

· 'led|me, Primer Premio Concurso Transite Jaén' in Metalocus magazine nº 020: Paisajes (2007):158-161.

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· 'Spacio 3: edificio Multifuncional en Bornos'. In Bornos. Hacia la Sierra, 48-50. Edited by the College of Architects of Cádiz, 2007.

· I include a selection of works in the ‘creative’ label. For more information I invite you to visit sin|studio’s blog.