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Neutra Journal

Neutra Journal
Third stage of the Journal of the College of Architects of Seville (2006-2010).
Edition and direction: Paula V. Álvarez, Vincent Morales and Juan A. Sánchez.
Awarded Best Journal on Architecture and Urbanism, VII BIAU, 2010.
Awarded Premio Malaga a la Difusión de la Arquitectura, College of Architects of Malaga, 2009.
Short-listed by Arquía Próxima program 2008/09, Fundación Arquia, 2009.
I had the privilege to co-direct and co-edit the third stage of Neutra Journal between 2006 and 2010, after winning a competition convened by the College of Architects of Seville.

We developed and editorial project that focused on the field of confluence of architectural and urban design, as a privilege position to rethink the professional role of the architect within the frame of the major transformation of the contemporary city in the globalization era. We edited four issues during the period that was under our charge: Neutra 14: Ciudad Puerto (2007), Neutra 15: Ciudad-re (2008), Neutra 16: Ciudad ¡Fiesta! (2008) y Neutra 17: Ciudad Post-periferia (2009). Each one of the issues was devoted to a particular topic, selected for its ability to synthesize various local situations which affected Andalusia cities, besides being of global concern.

The Editorial Board of the Journal was formed by: Paula V. Álvarez, Nuria Álvarez, Teresa Cruz, Antonio Fernández, José M. Galán, Francisco González, Antonio González, Plácido González, Vincent Morales, Marta Pelegrín, Fernando Pérez B., Fernando Pérez del P., Juan A. Sánchez, y Jorge Yeregui. The design was the result of an intensive collaborative work with the studio Buenos Días.

Our labor was awarded Best Journal on Architecture and Urbanism from the VII Bienal Iberoamericana de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, 2010, and won the ‘Premio Malaga a la Difusión de la Arquitectura’, from the College of Architects of Malaga, 2009.

Neutra magazine has been a privileged framework in which to draw into and develop my interest in how urban realities and the renewal of public space is challenging architectural design and definition.