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Paula V. Álvarez, Ana Fernández, José M. Galán and Elena Soriano (sin|studio arquitectura).
Awarded Transite Jaén Prize, 2006.
Promoted by: Colegio de Arquitectos de Jaén and Dirección General de Arquitectura y Vivienda de la Junta de Andalucía.
Collaborators: Juan M. Herrera (Telecommunications Engineer).
Structre and construction: Sebastián de Alba.
Photographs: Pablo Fernández Díaz-Fierros.
led|me temporally disrupts the daily passages through the dark, narrow and cheerless alley located alongside the imposing back wall of the Jaen Cathedral.

We performed five subtle interventions that transformed the atmosphere of the alley and the experience of passing by. Following an economy of means criteria, we injected new qualities into the space without interrupting the daily walking routines.

A semi-transparent cover, a forest of thin supports, a reflective floor and an interactive lighting system enhance the shadowed qualities of this space. In particular they reveal the presence and materiality of the back wall of the Jaen Cathedral

The body of the pedestrians and their movement through this space joins together with the play of lights, shadows, contrasts and reflections, as a part of a new sensory frame in which time and other intangible components transform tectonic and material attributes

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