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New Modes of Intervention
into Public Urban Space.

Paula V. Álvarez; José M. Galán, 2010/11.
Awarded a Grant from the Architecture and Urbanism Research Program
of the General Directorate of Architecture of the Andalusian Goverment, 2010.
Short-listed in the “Research” category of the VIII BIAU Awards, 2012.
Selected Work in the Arquia Próxima 2011/12 program of the Fundación Arquia, 2012.
Between 2009 and 2011, I was main researcher in “Nuevos Modos de Intervención en el Espacio Público” (New Modes of Intervention into Public Urban Space), a research project that was developed within the frame of the priority research areas of the General Directorate of Architecture from the Andalusian Goverment.

The goal of the research was, on the one hand, to gain insight into economical, environmental, social and aesthetical concerns that have produced a shift in the modes of intervention into public urban space along the last two decades, a shift chraracterized for the growing attention to daily social practices and citizen construction. On the other hand, a second goal was to identify and characterize local spaces for the transference and application of these new modes, as well as supporting tools for their deployment.

In rough outlines, the research is divided into two stages. The initial stage, developed by Paula V. Alvarez, settles the theoretical framework and the supporting tools that permit to identify and characterize a collection of case studies of urban strategies that respond to our concerns. The second stage, developed by Jose M. Galan, studies the singularities of Andalusian territories, in order to propose a set of local situations of great potential for the application of the identified strategies.