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1wish, 1plantpot

1wish, 1plantpot
Sevilla, 2008
Paula V. Álvarez, Ana Fernández, José M. Galán and Elena Soriano (sin|studio arquitectura).
Promoter: Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo (Programa Intrusiones).
Awarded a Grant by the Iniciarte Program for supporting Emergent Artists.
Collaborators: Casa de la Provincia de Sevilla.
After two months at the Barrio de Santa Cruz, s1ml exploded in a hundred plant pots that went away in the hand of passers-by. The neighborhood was left in return with one hundred other urban wishes.

Touristic activities are usually based on the construction of routes of maximum visual intensity, where the traditional culture is rapidly consumed through digital devices. In Barrio de Santa Cruz—the same as other areas that function as representations of the authentic "essence" of a city— tourists have became the main users, however rarely involved in the real life of the neighborhood.

s1ml absorbs and makes the most of this simplified experience, trying to temporarily subvert it. As a culmination of the project, we converted the dissembling of the artifact in a festive urban event.

Here you can see a photo-inventory of the collected urban wishes.

Collaborators: Juan M. Herrera (Telecommunications Engineer), Sergio Moreno (computer engineer), Cesar Peña (documentation and disassembly), Elena Alvarez and Carmen Benítez (disassembly) collaborated with us in this urban action.